Mordialloc Bowls Club (MBC)

Functions and Barefoot Bowling

Terms & Conditions 2022/23


Please Note:- Barefoot Bowls  Start Time 6.00pm  Till  9.30pm

Rink and Venue Hire Rules

Casual bowlers may wear flat-sole shoes, thongs or socks, or may bowl barefoot on the greens; any footwear with a heel or wedge must not be worn on the greens. No smoking, drinking, or eating is permitted on greens.

Bowling rinks and hired areas are subject to change. If you require a specific area or rink, please inform the event coordinator when making the booking, otherwise areas and rinks may be moved/changed by the events staff.

Bowls must not be dropped, lobbed, thrown, or driven by barefoot bowlers.

  • barefoot bowlers must play ‘drawing’ shots only (i.e. bowled slowly, approaching the jack, allowing for the bias of the bowl)
  • barefoot bowlers must play end to end
  • barefoot bowlers must bowl from the bowling mat only, with one foot on the bowling mat when taking a shot
  • parents are to ensure children do not play in the  ditches and spread sand over the rinks.


MBC Function Deposits, Confirmation and Final Payments.

Please Note:- Functions cannot exceed a 5 hour Limit or past 11.00pm on weekends (Friday and Saturday nights)and not past 10.00pm on any other night.

To reserve any part of its venue or its facilities, MBC requires a deposit payment, to be taken at the time of booking. No ‘tentative’ bookings can be made; no areas or rinks will be held in reserve without deposit. For all rink hire reservations MBC requires a deposit (amount to be advised at booking time) and requires venue hire to be paid in advance.

Final numbers are to be confirmed and any payments outstanding settled no later than 7 working days prior to the event.

Cancellation Policy

All bookings are non-refundable, unless patrons are unable to bowl on the day and time of their function due to inclement weather confirmed by MBC management, in which case, rink hire only will be refunded in full, or payment can be carried over to a rearranged date.

Please Note that Mordialloc Bowls Club has a Smokefree Policy

Smoking is not permitted in any indoor or enclosed areas at MBC, is neither permitted on the greens, nor in the clearly marked no-smoking zone before the clubhouse entrance ways.

This Includes :- All indoor areas (Victorian Legislation states that enclosed workplaces must be smokefree

All outdoor playing / training / dining / drinking areas.

Spectator viewing areas.

Please view all No Smoking Signs around the club grounds

Thanking you for your support


Staff and Patron Health and Safety

Function organisers and their guests, as well as the general public are responsible for any injury sustained to other patrons, staff or members.

MBC welcomes children to participate in all activities including bowling. At all times it is the parent’s responsibility to supervise children and ensure all play is safe and orderly.

Food & Beverage

MBC is a fully licensed venue. Strictly no beverages of any kind are to be brought into the venue.


Please note that noise restrictions as per City of Kingston apply to MBC. These will be strictly adhered to by MBC staff, and must be adhered to by entertainers, function organisers, their guests, as well as the general public. Our club noise restriction stipulates any audio equipment is to be turned down by 9pm and off by 10pm. This is not negotiable. No amplifiers or amplified music is permitted. This is not negotiable. Functions inside have access to our PA system.

Please consult with MBC management as to the content of these noise restrictions, if required. The continuance of entertainment on the day of the function is at the discretion of MBC management staff.

For all events requiring the use of our Audio and/or Visual systems, please arrange a visit prior to your event to ensure equipment is compatible with your requirements.

Patron behaviour

  • MBC respects and welcomes all visitors to our club, regardless of their race, religion, gender or sexuality. Please be considerate and respectful of this when planning your function and at all times whilst at the club.
  • All patrons must be fully clothed at all times, including footwear (unless barefoot bowling). MBC strictly forbids nudity.  MBC Dress code forbids any sexually explicit items or dress to be on the premises. All such items and/or clothing items will be confiscated.
  • Generally, unsavoury or untoward behaviour will not be tolerated.No alcohol or food is allowed on the green.
  • No external beverages (including alcoholic and/or non-alcoholic) can be brought onsite.
  • If any members of the party are found by our staff to be intoxicated, the party will be ejected from the venue.
  • If the party does not follow the directions (advised by MBC staff), they will be asked to stop bowling with full forfeiture of rink hire payment.
  • Once bowling concludes, please pack up the bowls into the crates provided.
  • Bowls are not to be left on the green or at the wrong end.
  • No patron is to enter any back-of-house areas; this includes the bar, offices, sheds, and dry or cool storage room areas. Patrons found trespassing on back-of-house areas will be ejected from the venue immediately.



All information provided to the club will be protected and only used for the purpose of the informant’s function. MBC does not archive credit card details provided for payment over the phone.

Tabs and Credit Cards

MBC provides the option of a bar tab to function event groups and large social event groups. For all bar tabs, MBC requires a credit card and a form of valid photo identification. All guests will receive a unique identifier to wear eg coloured wristband, and must wear the identifier  to use the tab for beverage purchase(s).

All tabs must be settled before the conclusion of the day’s trade (on which the tab was opened). Any tabs left unsettled will be charged, unless MBC is contacted by the card holder to make other arrangements.

Please note, it is the responsibility of the card holder to manage the account of the tab. MBC staff are not responsible if the tab account exceeds the negotiated limit and in this event the card holder will be charged the full amount owing.

Club Conduct and Behaviour Policy

MBC adheres to the ClubsVic code of conduct and behaviour policy, available by contacting ClubsVic. Volunteers, members and guests have the right to enjoy the venue without being subjected to behaviour that is unwanted, humiliates or offends them.

MBC has the right to eject from the premises anyone who transgresses the ClubsVic code of conduct and behaviour policy.