Uniforms and Equipment


Club Uniform for Mordialloc Bowls Club

Uniform Polo shirts and Jackets
Uniform polo shirts and jackets are purchased from the Secretary
Vests, Pants - long and short
Vests and Pants - long and short, are purchased from a Bowls shop eg Resting Toucher, Holland Park, Hunter Bowls, etc
Inform the business of our club name, they should know the colour. If they don’t, the colour recommended is ‘domina blue’
Hats and Caps
Club wash hats and caps are purchased from the Secretary
Uniform Top Embroidery
For people wanting to have their name on a uniform top or jacket, we recommend the following business.
Jean McLeod Embroideries
16 Fonceca Street, Mordialloc
Phone: 9590 9985

Bowls Equipment